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1ML is your cleaning, water treatment and remediation provider. Based in Dubai, UAE, 1 ML is the only licensed provider of the Bio-Organic Catalyst or BOC product range for the Middle East.

Bio-Organic Catalysts provides new solutions for the industrial cleaning and degreasing of fats, oils, and greases, and any other organic contaminants from surfaces, drainage and collection systems and waterways. It is also commonly used to improve water and soil conditions, and to eradicate odors.

Invented in the US as early as 1997, BOCs have proven results in the US , Germany Canada and Sweden, and have shown a dramatic improvement in conditions wherever it has been used.

The award winning technology behind BOCs offers solutions to a wide range of issues, from simple water quality maintenance to the wide scale remediation of industrial plants.

Importantly, BOCs are 100% safe. The entire range is nontoxic, non corrosive biodegradable and non-allergenic, offering no risks to humans, animals or marine life. BOCs are a green energy solution. Working in conjunction with natures own process to rapidly break down waste, BOCs reduce the need for volatile chemicals and provides renewable energy resources.